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High purity GA Gibberellin Product introduction Gibberellin is a widespread class of plant hormones. Its chemical structure belongs to the diterpene acid, derived from the tetracyclic skeleton derived. Can stimulate the growth of leaves and buds. There are at least 38 kinds of known...
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High purity GA Gibberellin
Product introduction
Gibberellin is a widespread class of plant hormones. Its chemical structure belongs to the diterpene acid, derived from the tetracyclic skeleton derived. Can stimulate the growth of leaves and buds. There are at least 38 kinds of known gibberellins. Gibberellin is used in agricultural production and has good results in some ways. For example, to improve seedless grape production, to break the potato dormancy; in the brewing of beer, with GA3 to promote the preparation of maltose germination of barley seeds; late rice when the low temperature and slow heading, the use of gibberellin treatment can promote heading; Hybrid rice seed production in the regulation of flowering so that parents meet this flowering and so on.

The use of gibberellin:
High purity GA Gibberellin is insoluble in water but is soluble in alcohol. When used, use a little alcohol or a high degree of shochu (such as 60 degrees white dry wine) to open it, and then diluted to the required concentration of water, sprayed at flowering for three consecutive times (each interval of 7 days). An aqueous solution of 10-15 ppm is usually used on jujube. (Ppm is the percentage of weight, that "one millionth," such as 1ppm or one millionth, equivalent to 1 gram of the original drug Duishui 1000 kg) currently on the market with powder gibberellin and water gibberellin Two categories, as follows:

1, Gibberellin powder:
High purity GA Gibberellin powder is insoluble in water, when used with a small amount of alcohol or liquor dissolved, then diluted with water to the required concentration, easy to failure of aqueous solution, Can not be mixed with alkaline pesticides to avoid failure. Such as the production of pure gibberellin (1 gram per pack), can be dissolved with 3-5 ml of alcohol, and then watered 100 kg that becomes 10ppm solution, watered 66.7 kg, is 15ppm aqueous solution. If you use the gibberellin powder content of 80% (1 gram per pack), the same first with 3-5 ml of alcohol to its open, and then watered 80 kg, that is 10ppm dilution, watered 53 kg It is 15ppm liquid.

2, Gibberellin agent:
Gibberellin water in the general use of alcohol does not need to dissolve, direct dilution can be used. Currently on the market is mainly 4% gibberellin water, practical drugs Cai Bao, the use of direct dilution use, dilution ratio of 1200-1500 times the liquid.

1, spraying gibberellin in the daily average temperature of 23 ℃ above the weather, because the temperature is low when the flowers do not develop, gibberellin does not work.
2, spray requirements when the fog spray, the liquid evenly sprayed on the flowers. If the concentration is too large, it will lead to plant leggy, whitening, or even dead or deformed.
3, the current market gibberellin manufacturers more active ingredient content is inconsistent in the use of strict use in accordance with the instructions for spraying.
4, due to the use of gibberellin need to adjust the amount of configuration, requiring a unified focus on the use of unified use.

Application of Gibberellin in Agriculture
First, to promote cucumber, watermelon more female flowers: 1 leaf stage in the cucumber, with 4% gibberellin EC 500 times or vegetables 800-1000 times the foliage spray, in the watermelon 2-3 leaf period, with 4% gibberellin EC 8,000 times foliar spray. The same time as
Second, the promotion of potatoes, peas, lentils germination: 4% gibberellin EC 800 times, soaking 24 hours, remove and remove (due to incision wound, potatoes need to use grass ash or other agents disinfection) sowing. The same time as
Third, so that celery, spinach, leaf lettuce leaves hypertrophy: 20 days before harvest, with 4% gibberellin EC 4000 times the foliage spray, or vegetables 800-1000 times the foliage spray, every 5 days and then spray 1 (which is currently the most common use of the growers). The same time as
Fourth, improve the cucumber, eggplant, tomato fruit set rate: flowering period with or vegetables 800-1000 times the liquid spray or 4% gibberellin EC 800 times spray. Fifth, in addition, before the watermelon harvest with 4% gibberellin EC 2000-4000 times pumped, but also effectively extend the watermelon storage period.

In the use of gibberellin should pay attention to: the first use of the concentration to be accurate (must look at the instructions, the above concentration is used in 4% gibberellin EC, there are other dosage forms and other concentrations, it can not be stereotyped, the following Other types of plant growth regulator is also the case), too high concentration of plants easy to lose their feet, or even dead, but also easy to make products deformed. Pure gibberellin more difficult to dissolve in water, you can first use alcohol or high concentration of shochu first dissolved, add water to the required concentration, should not use more than 50 ℃ hot water to the solution, with a good solution immediately after use, Longer storage is easy to fail.

Physiological effects of gibberellin
Promote the transformation of maltose (induced α-amylase formation); promote vegetative growth (no effect on the growth of roots, but significantly promote the growth of stem and leaf), to prevent organ shedding and break dormancy.
The most prominent role of gibberellin is to accelerate the elongation of cells (gibberellin can increase the content of auxin in plants, and auxin directly regulate cell elongation), the cell division also has a role in promoting, it can promote cell Expand (but not cause cell wall acidification)

The main application of gibberellin
If the use of gibberellin overdose, side effects can cause lodging, so to use the auxiliary element to adjust, while increasing potash fertilizer. Gibberellin in the strongest physiological activity, the most research is GA3, it can significantly promote plant stems, leaves Growth, especially for the genetic and physiological dwarf plants have a significant role in promoting; can replace some of the seeds of the necessary light and low temperature conditions to promote germination; can make long day plants in short sunshine conditions, Shorten the life cycle; can induce flowering, increase the number of male flowers melon, induced single-seeded, improve fruit set, promote fruit growth, delay fruit aging. In addition, GA3 can also be used to prevent peel rot; in the cotton flowering can reduce the loss of buds off; potato sores can break the dormancy; barley soaking can increase maltose yield and so on.

Gibberellin Many physiological effects are related to its regulation of nucleic acids and proteins in plant tissues, which not only activate a variety of hydrolytic enzymes in the seed, but also promote new enzyme synthesis. The most studied is the significant effect of GA3 on the production of α-amylase in barley. In addition to the induction of protease, β-1,3-glucosidase, ribonuclease synthesis. Gibberellin Stimulation Stem elongation is associated with nucleic acid metabolism, which first acts on deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), activates DNA, and then transcribes into messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) from mRNA to a specific protein.


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