Seaweed Extract Water Soluble Fertilizer with Trace Elements

Seaweed Extract Water Soluble Fertilizer with Trace Elements

100% Full Water Soluble Fertilizer Seaweed Extract
Product description


1.    Greater nutritional value: rapidly complement the nutrients, improve the quality of product.

2.    Better root systems: promoting the development of roots

3.    Healthier foliage and fruit appearance: thicken, enlarge and balance the leaf growth, supply well-balanced crop nutrients, stimulating cell division, improve blossom and fruit set.

4.    Greater resistance to disease and pests: Increase crop resistance to adverse condition, like drought resistance, cold resistance, salt tolerance, resistance to insects .

5.    Improved seed germination: promoting the development of shoots.

6.    Natural soil conditioner

Applicable crops


All kinds of vegetables, fruit trees, crops and forestry etc

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