100% Organic Fertlizer Humic Acid with High Quality
Jan 28, 2018


Basic Info.


Model NO.:Humic acid




Certification:ISO9001, ISO, SGS


Application:Vegetables, Flowers, Fruit




Infection on Soil:Physiological Acid


Chemical Character:Chemical Acid


Release Type:Quick








Delivery:Shipped in 7 Days After Payment




Advantage:Can Be Customized




Transport Package:1kg/25kg/40kg/50kg, Tons of Bags






HS Code:31059000


Product Description

    Potassium humate is a highly efficient organic fertilizer, because the humic acid is a kind of bioactive agents, improve the content of available potassium in soil, reduce the loss of potassium and fixed, increasing the crop of potassium absorption and utilization, also has improved soil, promote crop growth and increase for anti adversity ability, improve the quality of crops, agricultural ecological environment protection etc.; it with urea, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, trace elements, such as mixing, made the function of high efficient compound fertilizer; in addition, potassium humate also can be used as oil drilling fluid treating agent, mainly from the role to prevent the collapse of well wall.

Storage Tips
Kept away from moisture and high temperature.
It should be stored separately from poisonous Substances.
It should be stored in a dry, ventilative and clean warehouse. 

About Our Company
Shandong Jinmai Plant Cell information technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacture of fertilizers.
>Our factory has been founded for more than 20 years.
>We have more than 350 workers in our factory.
>Our company mainly engaged in NPK fertilizers, water soluble fertilizer, SOP , ammonium sulphate.
>Our production capacity arrives to 800Tons.
Why do you choose us?
1.Competitive price: 5% lower than our competitiors thanks to mass production capacity.
2.Quality assurance: our products meet SGS, ISO-900, ISO and other safety standards.
3.Production advantage: we own 3 advanced technique production line of fertilizers.
4.Best pre-sale and after-sale service: our products have 0% return rate.
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