Jan 31, 2018

Basic Info

  • Certification: SGS

  • State: Powder

  • Physics State: Solid

  • Chemical Character: Chemical Alkaline

  • Type: Commercial Organic Fertilizer

  • Application: Vegetables, Flowers, Fruit

  • Validity: Quick Acting

  • Infection On Soil: Physiological Alkaline

  • Raw Material: Sargassum

  • Transport Package: 0.5kg/1kg/20kg/Bag

Product Description

Extracted from whole sargassum, 100% water soluble. Rich in plant growth regulators and organic matter. Ideal for manufacture of seaweed fertilizers.

ItemGuarantee value
Organic matter45~50%
Alginic acid15%
Potash (K2O)18%
Natural PGR400ppm

Easily dissolved in water. Greatly improve quality of crops, enhance resistance of plants to diseases and bacilli, ameliorate soil, increase bearing rate of flowers and fruits, and increase crop yield.
Applicable Crops: Tea, apple trees, grapes,vegetables.
Application  Method:  I Sparying:  Dilute with water by 3000-3500 times at the dosage of 0.3kg/ha (using 1 ton water per ha.).  In swelling    period, spray once every 10~14 days and apply 3~4 times continuously. Spray more times if the picking  period  extended. II Irrigation:  Dilute with water by 3500-4000 times,dosage 7.5-8.6kg/ha (using 30 tons water per ha.). 3-4 times in  the whole growing season.
Storage Period:3 years.
Package:1kg/bag, 2kg/bag, 20kg/carton
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