Characteristics of water-soluble humic acid Fertilizer
Sep 19, 2017

First, the use of modern technology to purify water-soluble humic acid, composite large, medium, micro, special elements and the formation of a new type of fertilizer has a significant effect, for the production of green health food, reduce environmental pollution, reduce the cost of farmers to provide a favorable guarantee.

Second, water-soluble humic acid fertilizer in the soil can be significantly nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium promotion, cultivate soil fertility, promote crop root development.

Third, water soluble humic acid fertilizer is widely used in food crops, cash crops, oil crops and flowers, applicable to a wide range of crops, the use of a wide range of concentrations.

Finally, the water soluble humic acid fertilizer with reasonable nutrition, with synergistic nutrition, can greatly reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Water-soluble humic acid fertilizer is economical, safe, convenient and efficient.

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