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Apr 12, 2018

Jinmai- Supreme (Foliage application)


Technical Index:

Plant cell signal inducer 10g/L  Plant acid 100g/L



Rapid green, Growth promoting,Disease-resistant.



1. Stimulate the plant to produce its own defense,Prevention and treatment of all crop viruses, fungal bacterial diseases.

2. It has extremely strong promoting and repairing function,can prevent and treat all crops physiological yellow leaves,make the leaves quickly be green.Repair damaged genes.

3. Obviously promote the plant growth,promote the differentiation of flower buds,increasing both production and income. 

4. Adopt plant cell signal induction technique which we obtain the patent. Plant cell signal inducer ,It is made from deep-sea fish oil, seaweed, plant acid and other extracts,rich in natural small molecule polypeptide, auxin,cytokinin,gibberellic acid,betaine,salicylic acid and other active ingredients.According to different combinations, it can synergistic basic mineral nutrition, accurate or integrated to promote the growth of plants.


Application Method:

Diluted 1000-1500times ,spray evenly. sensitive crops(leaf vegetable,beans,melon) Diluted 2000-3000times. Avoid using in high temperature and wet weather.


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