Functional Fertilizer
Apr 13, 2018

Jinmai- Quick root

Technical Index: Organic matter 170g/L Nitrogen 60g/L Calcium 100g/L Magnesium 100g/L Humic acid 25g/L Plant cell signal inducer.

Features: 1. This product can significantly improve crop immunity, improve the resistance to continuous cropping and salt-alkali. Effective improvement of root growth microenvironment. This product can be mixed with most non-alkaline pesticides to protect root system and anti - aging.

2. The extract containing humic acid can participate in the oxidation and reduction process of crops, Improve the activity of Sugar invertase, make the fruit with good appearance and taste,bright color,good marketable. Promote the growth of crops, prolong the harvest, increase production and income.

3. It can increase soil organic matter content, remove soil harden, increase air permeability, upgrade ground temperature.

4. This product can effectively improve the physiological diseases caused by calcium deficiency.

Application Method: 1.Water flush: 3kg/Mu per time.

2.Drip irrigation: 1kg/Mu per time.

The concentration and frequency of the application should be reduced according to the demand of the crop, or consult the technical staff.

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