Mono Ammonium Phosphate 12-61-0, Map Nh4h2po4 Fertilizer
Feb 02, 2018


Basic Info.


Model NO.:12-61-0


Application:Fertilizer, Fire-Proof Mat




Release Type:Quick






Storage Life at 70 ′f:> 1 Year


Classification:Compound Fertilizer










HS Code:31054000


Product Description

*100% water soluble fertilizer
*foliar feeding is ok
*irrigation is good
*free from chloride
* SGS certification
Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate /
Mono-Ammonium Phosphate 12-61-0
Is highly efficient source of phosphorus and nitrogen fully water-soluble fertilizer for plants. Its high purity and water-solubility make it an ideal fertilizer for fertigation and for foliar application; Also it is suitable for preparation of fertilizer blends and production of liquid fertilizers.

1. The advantages of Jinmai MAP

Perfect water-soluble
Consists of 100% plant nutrients
Highly-concentrated source of phosphorus for plants (61% P2O5 / 27% P)
Free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements for plants
Moderately low pH (safer and less corrosive compared to urea phosphate)
Suitable for the fertigation, foliar application and production of fertilizer blends and nutrient solutions
Double benefit: Not only that MAP is an efficient source of phosphorus, it also facilitates plant uptake of the phosphorus naturally present in the soil. This is due to the ammonium (NH4+) in MAP, which lowers the pH in the root zone and thus enhances phosphorus availability.

2. Storage & Handing

Keep Mono Ammonium Phosphate in a tightly closed container, stored in a cool, dry, ventilated area. Avoid Mono Ammonium Phosphate against physical damage.
Isolate Monoammonium Phosphate from incompatible substances.
Containers of Mono Ammonium Phosphate may be hazardous when empty since they retain product residues (dust, solids); Observe all warnings and precautions listed for the product.

3. Application Recommendations

MAP is recommended for use at the beginning of the growing season, because phosphorus availability is crucial for the establishment of root system at this stage, also it can serve as a high quality source of phosphorus also during other stages of the growth cycle.
Because of unique product characteristics, MAP can be applied through any irrigation system and on any growing medium. Unlike phosphoric acid, ChoiceChem MAP is moderately acidic. Therefore, it is not corrosive to fertilizer pumps or to irrigation equipment.

(1). Compatibility
MAP is compatible with most water-soluble fertilizers, except for fertilizers containing calcium (Ca++) or magnesium (Mg++). To apply MAP in combination with calcium or magnesium fertilizers, use two fertilizer tanks. If only a single fertilizer tank is available, apply those fertilizers at different times.

(2). Proportional Nutrigation
The phosphorus concentration in the irrigation water depends on the quantity of MAP in the tank mix, and on the injection ratio. Use the following table to calculate the quantity of MAP and the injection ratio needed to reach a given concentration in the irrigation water.

(3). Foliar Feeding
Foliar spray with MAP is effective in supplying phosphorus whenever quick response to deficient plants is required. It should be considered a supplemental method to soil applied phosphorous. The concentration of MAP solutions can be increased according to leaf age.
On young leaves, spray concentration of 0.5% MAP is recommended in most crops. On mature leaves and more tolerant crops higher concentration (1.0% or more) may be applied.
MAP is compatible with most commonly used pesticides and fertilizers. However, it should not be mixed with calcium or magnesium fertilizers. It is advisable to confirm compatibility of your intended spray-mix by preparing a sample of the spray materials at their recommended concentrations in order to rule out the possibility of a detrimental cross reaction. This mixture should be sprayed onto small area prior to commercial treatment, in order to assess whether an adverse effect occurs.

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: As your requested
Delivery Detail: 10 DAYS    





Main content



P 2 O 5



NasNH 4









PH Value





l   It is a widely used source of P and N, it has the highest P content of any common solid fertilizer.

Non Agricultural Uses

l   It is used in dry chemical fire extinguishers commonly found in offices, schools and homes. The extinguisher spray disperses finely powdered MAP, which costs the fuel and rapidly smothers the flame.


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