Organic Fancyfert Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer
Apr 02, 2018

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: Liquid Seaweed

  • Certification: UL

  • State: Liquid

  • Physics State: Liquid

  • Chemical Character: Chemical Acid

  • Type: Commercial Organic Fertilizer

  • Seaweed: 12% Min

  • Fulvic Acid: 2% Min

  • Mannitol: 2% Min

  • Transport Package: 1 L, 5 L, 20L/Bottle & 200L Barrel

  • Origin: Shandong, China

  • Condition: New

  • Application: Vegetables

  • Validity: Quick Acting

  • Infection On Soil: Physiological Acid

  • Raw Material: Manure

  • Total Organic Matter: 30% Min

  • Alginic Acid: 3% Min

  • Amino Acid: 2% Min

  • Trademark: Shandong Jinmai

  • Specification: Liquid fertilizer

Product Description

                     Shandong Jinmai-Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer

1.    Property:

Recover effectively from stress;

Enhance crop's resistance to disease and bacilli;

Promote the plant photosynthesis;

Increase the yield;

Benefit formation of proteins and plant cells;

Improve flavor, color, and preservation of fruit.


2.    Contents:

Total Organic Matter: 30% min

Seaweed: 12% min

Alginic acid (w/v): 4.5% min

Fulvic acid (w/v): 3% min

Amino acid (w/v): 2% min

Mannitol (w/v): 2% min

plant growth promoter and mineral nutrients.


3.    Application:

Open field;

Drip Irrigation;

Green Houses;

Foliar and nursery plants.


4.    Package and storage:

Package: It is available in 1 L, 5 L, 20L/Bottle&200LBarrel

Storage: In sealed and damp-proof place.

The Benefits of Using Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer

As a natural plant food and biostimulant produced from 100% liquid seaweed extracts. It passed through a scientific extraction process that is designed to maximize the derived amount of primary, secondary and trace elements, as well as the naturally occurring plant growth regulators and other beneficial compounds. It is non-fibrous and non-neutralized alkali extracted.

Liquid Seaweed Extract have been proved not only to stimulate the safty growth, but also to improve the soil condition. It provide macro mineral nutrients like potassium together with trace elements like iron, zinc. Also, it contains natural growth promoters which promotes celular devision and boost growth.
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