How can sea weed improve yield ?
Jan 02, 2018

New solutions for agriculture

 Jinmai-Seaweed extract

Technical Index:

Ca 120g/L  Mg 40g/L Complex Boron 0.5g/L EDTA-Zn 0.5g/L EDDHA-Fe 0.5g/L Plant cell signal inducer (rich in seaweed extract)


1. Promote balanced growth of plants,promote crops strong radication, Improve soil microenvironment.

2. Enhance the survival ability of crops in adverse environment, promote flower bud differentiation, preserve flower and fruit.

3. Replenish the secondary element and reduce the occurrence of fruit cracking, fruit shrink and deformity fruit.

4. Increase the thickness of the cell wall, improve the hardness of the fruit, make the fruit peel smooth and free of spots, and prolong the storage period.

Application Method:

Spray application: Diluted 1500-2000times, spraying evenly.

Water flush: 1000ml-2000ml/Mu per time

Drip irrigation: 1000ml/Mu per time

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