The advantages of bio-fertilizer compared with traditional fertilizers
Sep 19, 2017

Fertilizers provide a large number of elements necessary for the growth of crops, however, the composition of chemical fertilizers is relatively single, lack of humus, organic matter, long-term use, soil fertility decline, soil pellet mechanism destruction, soil compaction; the other trace elements needed by the crop itself could not be satisfied, the quality declined, and the beneficial organisms in the soil died, The ecological system of soil is destroyed, the utilization rate of the fertilizer is low, the cost is high, the environment pollution is caused by excessive accumulation of some elements.

Biological manure, which contains a lot of beneficial microorganisms, plays a great role in improving soil:

(1) Through the proliferation of beneficial bacteria, a large number of beneficial bacteria in the plant's roots around the formation of dominant populations, inhibit the life of other harmful bacteria.

(2) Rapid decomposition of soil organic matter, loose soil, enhance soil conservation, fertilizer, water conservation, water supply and permeability.

(3) Decomposition of pesticide residues in soil to avoid pesticide residues in the next season crops.

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