The Biomass of Fertilizer
Aug 12, 2018

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Appearance: Black Fiber

  • Color: Black Fiber

  • Usage: Plastic Auxiliary Agents, Sweet Sorghum

High-temperature fermentation using STDC sweet sorghum stalks into fertilizer
Sample name: all organic fertilizers
Slag sample status: dark brown
Nitrogen: 1.8%
Phosphorus pentoxide: 0.7%
91.8% organic matter:
NPK: 3-10%
STDC introductory
  Beijing Sangliang technical development center (STDC) was established in 12th Jan, 1961. 
    STDC's main research project is Viejin sweet sorghum with sweet sorghum seeder, fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, harvester and feed processing equipment, sugar equipment, small ethanol equipment, fuel equipment particles, biogas equipment, small biomass power generation equipment and attached technology ,domestically and oversea. STDC also has research about protein mulberry, jatropha curcas L, corn silage, dry land rice, wheat, sweet potato, tapioca, sugar taro, magnetic water treatment system, all bio-component degradable fertilizer, agriculture equipments, cellulase, small solar power generator, small wind power generator, small hydraulic electro power generator, biogas system, smart green building, beef cattle, lamb. STDC's other duty will be technology promoting internationally including technical support network center build in China and hosting national and international conference worldwide. All in all, STDC is a nongovernmental research and technology promoting organization.    
    STDC has established 27 domestic breeding and demonstration base, 8 oversea research base, with technology used by 143 countries worldwide.
    STDC now owns 11000 Yajin sweet sorghum sources, including 1000 mature varieties. 
    In 1980, STDC project of processing ethanol, liquor, sugar, fertilizer from sweet sorghum through both solid state and liquid state at Shangqiu, Henan receive project achievement assessment and recognition by Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and Chinese Ministry of Agriculture.

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