Water Soluble Fertlizer for Melon and Vegetable Use
Jan 05, 2018

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Release Type: Quick

  • HS Code: 3105

  • Classification: Trace Element Fertilizer

  • Appearance: Liquid

  • Specification: 10ml/pouch X 50pouches/box X 8boxes/Carton

China's well-known trademark PENSHIBAO
Accredited by ISO14001: International environmental management system certification
Accredited by ISO-9001: International quality management system certification
Water-soluble organic fertilizer Highly enriched
For Melon and Vegetable
Growth High quality soft melon

Agriculture Department Official Registration Number:
Agricultural fertilizerNo. 008
Implemented standards: Q/PSB 01-2008
Net Content: 10 ml
Technical Specifications
-Organic substances ≥ 80g/L; N+P2O5 +K2O ≥ 170g/L
(Elements of a single content ≥ 10.0g / L);
- Mn+Zn+ B ≥ 30g/L (Element sole content≥ 2g/L)

Product Features
Can be use for Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Melon, winter melon, Cucumber, Luffa, Balsam pear.
Contains various nutrients as N, P, K, trace elements and fulvic acids that are essential to the growth of melons family, the use of "PSB Melon and vegetable Special" can effectively supplement the nourishing needs for melons during their growth stages. This foliar fertilizer is capable of regulating the distribution and metabolizing of nutrients inside the body of melons, vitalizing proteins, amino acids and enzymes. It can also improve root activities and photosynthesis.

Usage: Dilute a packet (10 ml) in 15-30 liters of clean water.

1-Seed Dressing: One packet (10 ml) for 4-8 kg seeds to wet, and cover for 4-10 hours, sow after short airing. Can improve the germination and the plant survival rate; Prevent disaster and active plant disease-resistance.
2-The product was non-hormone, can be used multiple times.
3- Can be use in conjunction with the basic pesticide.

1. The best time for spraying is in the cloudy weather or just after 3 p. M. In the fine weather. Avoid sun exposure that can cause the rapid evaporation and the loose of drug efficacy.
2. It must be sprayed on the leaves, and if it rains within six (6) hours after spraying, re-spray once more.
3. Do not sprays when the plants are flowering, so as not to interfere with pollination. And do not be mixed with alkaline pesticides.
4. It may sediment in the vial, shake to dissolve before open.
5. After diluted to desired concentration (Usage Instructions) the solution should be fully used within one day.
6. Keep in the cool and ventilated place.

Keeping period: 4 years
Manufactured date (Lot No. ): See box

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