Water Souble NPK, NPK Compound Fertilizer
Jan 28, 2018


Basic Info.


Model NO.:6665-4-2




Release Type:Quick


Manufacturing Method:Compound Fertilizer






Alkaline:Soil Reconditioning




Classification:Compound Fertilizer








HS Code:31052000


Product Description

    Product Description
1. NPK +TE 100% Water Soluble
2. Various Colored
3. Powder or Granule
4. Dedicated Fertilizer Supplier

N=Nitrogen P=Phosphorus K=Potassium
NPK 15-15-15,
NPK 16-16-16,
NPK 17-17-17,
NPK 18-18-18,
NPK 19-19-19,
NPK 20-20-20,
NPK 28-14-14,
NPK 6-12-36,
NPK 20-10-10,
NPK 16-8-24,
NPK 11-22-16,
NPK 15-5-30,
NPK 14-11-25,
NPK 28-8-17,
NPK 15-30-15,
NPK 10-45-10,
NPK 13-40-13, ETC...
It is a fertilizer which stimulates healthy growth in Vegetables, Fruit plants, Trees, Indoor plants and Animal fodder. This is ideally suited in Green House Cultivation and also where drip irrigation is practiced;
It is a formulation for macro nutrients elements, a fertilizer with ratio of N: P2O5: K2O at 1: 1: 1,; It is a fertilizer which can be applied by mixing with other fertilizers to meet plants' need for special nutrients elements;
It is a fertilizer with unique formula design that will improve fertilizer availability of medium nutrients elements as well as micro nutrients elements; It is a fertilizer with high purity, free from dust and fully water soluble;
It is a fertilizer that is sage to apply and free from public hazard.
It is Free of Chlorine; Crops applicable to: All grain crops, fruit trees, vegetables, turf, lawn flowers and plants as well as other horticulture crops.

Packaging Detail: 50kg/500kg/1mt/9.9kg/9.5kg/Bulk (Optional)
Delivery Detail: Within 7-15 days after receiving the pre-payment or L/C at sight    


N (nitrogen) promotes leaf growth and forms proteins and chlorophyll.  
 P (phosphorus) contributes to root, flower and fruit development.  
 K (potassium) contributes to stem and root growth and the synthesis of proteins. 
Crops             period Basic Fertilizer Seeding Period Growthing Period Ablooming Period/Fructification Period
grans 25-45 kgs/mu 15-20kgs/mu 5-8kgs/mu
cottons 35-50kgs/mu 20-25kgs/mu spray 2-3 times in 1:500
shallot & garlic 35-40kgs/mu 10-15kgs/mu 15-25kgs/mu
leaf vegetables 15-30kgs/mu 10-20kgs/times (suggest 1~3times according to the growthing periods)
bean plants 15-45kgs/mu 15-25kgs/mu 15-20kgs/mu
fruits trees 40-60kgs/mu 10-20kgs/mu 20-30kgs/times
tobaccos 30-35kgs/mu 15-20kgs/mu
flowers 15-30kgs/mu 15-20kgs/mu


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