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100% Water Soluble Super Potassium Humate
Dec 26, 2017

100% Water Soluble Super Potassium Humate Basic Info

  • Model NO.: 98%

  • Release Type: Slow

  • Type: Humic Acid

  • Water Soluble Fertilizer Solubility: 98%Min

  • Fulvic Acid(Dry Basis: 15%Min

  • Moisture: 15%Max

  • Water Soluble Fertilizer Particle Size: Powder:120mesh; Flake:1-3mm

  • Specification: 98%

  • HS Code: 3824909990

  • Water Soluble Fertilizer Classification: Organic Fertilizer

  • Appearance: Powder

  • Product Name: 100% Water Soluble Super Potassium Humate

  • Humic Acid(Dry Basis): 60%-70%Min

  • Water Soluble Fertilizer K2o: 1%-12%Min

  • pH Value: 9-11

  • Origin: China

100% Water Soluble Super Potassium Humate Product Description






100% Water Soluble Super Potassium Humate INTRODUCTION DETAILS:

SUPER POTASSIUM HUMATE is a high polymer heterogeneous aromatic hydroxy carboxylic acid salt, shiny black flakes or powder. Solube in water and weak alkaline feature. It comprises active groups hydroxy, carboxylic acid salt and nitro and so on.

SUPER POTASSIUM HUMATE is extracted from natural high grade leonardite, with excellent solubility. It used alone or combined with Nitrogen and Phosphorus in irrigation and spray. It is applied in landscape and garden as well as for all agricultural and horticultural plants.

The Application of Potassium Humate in Agriculture.
Working form:
1) Fix the mineral and organism, make it none or minim dissolve, in order to block the mineral and organism losing from soil or plants into the earth surface water. So potassium humate can reduce the toxicity of the surplus insecticide, heavy metal, and anything harmful leftover on the soils.

Activate the biology working progress. The quinoidine and the active acid in potassium humate has much potential ability in oxygenation so it can control the active of the free root in order to help the growth of plants. Potassium humate is able to work on the lay of cell, so that can be helpful in photosynthesis

A general rule is 100 to 250 pounds per acre or 5 to 10 pounds per 1, 000 square feet per application. Depending on the area being treated, the soil analysis, the level of fertility used in conjunction with humate, and the frequency of application will determine the exact rate of application. These products should be incorporated into normal application schedules with normal fertilizers and equipment.

General: Pre-sowing treatment of seed with Potassium Humate solution with subsequent spraying of the plant, in research showed significant increases in crop yields & much improved root striking.

E. G. Various cereal crops increased by 150-250kgs per ha after seed treatment. Buckwheat increased by 75kgs per ha.

Adding potassium humate into nitrogenous fertilizer:
Advantage: Strength the power of nitrogen in nitrogenous fertilizer, reduce the infection of overusing fertilizer.

1. The amount needed per ha.
The early days of plant abandon time and the time of plants rebirth has great infection. Vegetables flowers and fruit trees hurts when transplanting, so we needs potassium humate as additions.
1) Dill, onion, lettuce need 1.6-2.0kg per ha.
2) Tomato, cucumber need 4-5kg per ha.
3) Cabbage, potato, carrot, sugar beet need 7-8kgs per ha.
4) Fruit trees need 10-12kg per ha.
5) All plants 5-6kgs per ha.

2. 100% Water Soluble Super Potassium Humate Application
A) Soaking the seeds: 24-48hours
B) Using 0.2% solution spraying (flowers or vegetables)
C) Soak 1/3 length of the young plant in 0.2% solution under the 20° C
D) Irrigate:
1) During a period of growth using 0.01% p-ha(potassium humate) solution irrigate 3-4 times
2) After planting using 0.01% p-ha solution irrigate 1 time
After 4 leaves using 0.01% p-ha solution irrigate 1 time
The early time of abloom, using 0.01% p-ha solution irrigate 1 time.
Maturity time using 0.01% p-ha solution irrigate 2-3 times
3) During a growth period (10-12days) using 0.005%-0.01% p-ha solution irrigate 8 times.
4) 5-10g p-ha each hole for young fruit trees.

100% Water Soluble Super Potassium Humate Main advantage:
Improving the soil, avoiding decline, adding output the effect exceeding ammonium phosphate u. S. And other fertilizer much.
High content of potassium and many nutrition including. That makes plants add its outputs, also amending the quality of plants no-poisonous, no-harmful, no-pollution.
Widely used in modern green agriculture.

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 K2O 12%MIN  10%MIN 
 PH VALUE 9-11  9-11 

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