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Alginic Acid Fertilizer
Nov 05, 2017

   Product Description

Seaweed Fertilizer is fresh seaweed extract from Ascophyllum, nodosm, and it contains natural hormones and various natural micro elements. It is designated for organic and nonpolluting fertilizer. It has neither chemicals nor synthetic hormones added. It can rapidly complement the nutruents, improve the quality of product, improve blossom and fruit set, thicken, enlarge and balance the leaf growth, supply well-balanced crop nutrients, help plants to endure environmental stress, promote the development of shoots and roots, stimulate cell division, and improve the fruit size.


Improve soil structure
Increase stress resistance
Promote the bud to bloom
Pollution free to environment
Reduce disease, improve yield
Inhibit harmful pest, alleviate pest damage
Stimulate root growth in cuttings and transplants
Promote cell division and increase matabolism
Contains plant growth regulators like gibberellic acid
Enhance yield and quality of crops, vegetables and fruits
Increase fertilizer efficiency and fertilizer chelation
Accelerate the formation of soil aggregate structure to ensure that the soil has good ventilation

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