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Bio Humic Acid Fertilizer for Plant Root Growth
Mar 29, 2018

Bio Humic Acid Fertilizer for Plant Root Growth Basic Info

  • Appearance: Powder

  • Humic Acid Fertilizer Chemical Character: Chemical Acid

  • Water: 2.0% Max

  • Specification: 25 kg

  • Humic Acid Fertilizer HS Code: 31042020

  • Infection on Soil: Physiological Neutral

  • Release Type: Slow

  • Humic Acid Fertilizer Wattability: 90min

  • Transport Package: Bag

  • Origin: China

Bio Humic Acid Fertilizer for Plant Root Growth Product Description




Soluble Organic Fertilizer with Fulvic Acid 



Total Nutrients (%)



Organic Factor (%)



Humic Acid (%)



Vital Bacterium (CFU/g)



Ca+Mg+Su+Zn+B+Fe (%)





Brown Powder





About  the   microbial Fertilizer with Fulvic Acid and Potassium Humate:
1. stimulate crop growth, increase production polypeptide organic fulvic specially added peptide protease rich variety of nutrients, fulvic acid, humic acid is the best part, small molecular weight, high activity can be completely absorbed by crop directly ; it is the best plant growth regulator. Effectively stimulate root development, generous blade, flower and fruit growth, robust plant organisms can rapidly increase production significantly.

2. resistance to harsh environments and stable harvest. Fulvic acid can improve crop adaptability to a variety of adverse environments. It represents good cold drought and salt tolerance, the ability of anti-cropping, crop yields so that the deterioration of the image from the natural environment to achieve stable production.

3. enhance disease resistance, better quality fulvic acid, by promoting crops to improve crop resistance to diseases, in addition fulvic acid itself contains a special resistant body, can play a role in drug crops, effectively reduce the incidence of crop diseases, reduce pesticide use to improve the quality of agricultural products.

4. organic potassium utilization, cost savings products contain potassium are minerals and organic potassium biochemical fulvic acid, with the growth of demand for the crop is gradually absorbed by crops, high utilization, to fully meet the growth of crops potassium needs saving input costs.

This product is suitable for all crops, fruits and vegetables, etc., through a variety of methods base fertilizer, fertilizer and other appropriate administration, the specific circumstances of agricultural workers obey instructions.

 Application Method and Amounts:

For additive fertilizer: by flushing, dropping, filtrating, and spraying, 20-25 kg per acre.

Package And Storage:      25kg net in PP woven bag with inner PE bag. Store in dry, cool and ventilated warehouse. Preserve in well-closed containers, protected from moisture.

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