Compound NPK Fertilizr 11-22-16 Price
May 05, 2018

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: 11-22-16

  • Certification: ISO9001, ISO

  • Appearance: Granular

  • Chemical Character: Chemical Neutral

  • Manufacturing Method: Compound Fertilizer

  • Purity: 99%

  • Other Name: NPK Fertilizer

  • State: Crystaline Powder or Granular

  • NPK HS Code: 31059000

  • Classification: Compound Fertilizer

  • Transport Package: 9.5kg Pack or According to Customer Requirement

  • Origin: China

  • Condition: New

  • Application: Vegetables, Flowers, Fruit, Agriculture

  • Infection on Soil: Physiological Neutral

  • Release Type: Slow

  • Type: NPK

  • Mf: N-P2o5-K2o

  • CAS No: 66455-26-3

  • NPK Solubility: Water Soluble

  • Certilicate: ISO, SGS, Coa

  • Trademark: Sonef

  • Specification: customized

  • HS Code: 31059000

Product Description

NPK fertilizer
Product Description

We Supply customrized NPK:

1. Granular NPK:

2. Water soluble NPK:

Organic FertilizerN. P. K. 03-00-11+TEPowder
N. P. K. 05-05-05Granular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 08-08-08Granular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 07-00-08-45 OMOrganic Matter: 45% Granular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 12-01-04-20 OMOrganic Matter: 20% Granular: 2-4mm
CASO4*2H2O 85% Humic Acid 10% Bentonite 5%Granular: 2-4mm
Binary Compound FertilizersN. P. K. 10-10-00Granular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 20-20-00-3SGranular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 16-20-00Granular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 26-14-00Granular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 23-21-00-4SGranular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 00-20-20Powder
N. P. K. 00-50-30Powder
N. P. K. 00-15-17Powder
N. P. K. 20-00-30Granular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 19-00-19Granular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 18-00-27Granular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 15-00-25Granular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 12-00-28Granular: 2-4mm
NPK FertilizersN. P. K. 17-17-17Granular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 10-10-20Granular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 18-09-18Granular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 10-20-20Granular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 24-08-08Granular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 12-12-17+MGOGranular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 15-15-23+4MGOGranular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 11-6-7+2MGOGranular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 18-18-5+1.5TEGranular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 09-18-27Granular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 15-15-15+TE Mg(0.2%)+B(0.07%)+Mn(0.07%)+Cu(0.007%)+Fe(0.007%)Granular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 15-15-06+4MgOGranular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 6-18-20+4MgO+0.1B203Granular: 2-4mm
100% Water soluble fertilizerN. P. K. 18-18-18Granular: 2-4mm
N. P. K. 19-19-19
N. P. K. 20-20-20
N. P. K. 10-50-10
N. P. K. 13-40-13
N. P. K. 15-15-30
N. P. K. 15-30-15
N. P. K. 29-10-10
N. P. K. 3-37-37
Packaging & Shipping

Packing: Net each in 9.9kg plastic woven bag, lined with PE bag. 25mt/20'fcl.
Also we supply other packaging solutions, printing is available.

Processing line & Equipment:

Company Information

Shandong Jinmai Plant Cell Information Co.,Ltd is a professional supplier in China for food/feed additives, fertilizer and kinds of industrial chemicals. We specialize in more than 70 products sorted. Our supply chains have more than 30 units which include subordinates, factories and agent partners. With complete certificates like CCC, ISO, GMP, HACCP, IP GMO, QS, KOSHER, HALAL, we can ensure consistent quality and reliability with excellent quality.
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Large Supply Ability

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Organic FertilizerN.P.K. 03-00-11+TEPowder
N.P.K. 05-05-05Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 08-08-08Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 07-00-08-45 OMOrganic Matter:45%   Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 12-01-04-20 OMOrganic Matter:20%   Granular:2-4mm
CASO4*2H2O 85%                 Humic Acid 10% Bentonite 5%Granular:2-4mm
Binary Compound FertilizersN.P.K. 10-10-00Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 20-20-00-3SGranular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 16-20-00Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 26-14-00Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 23-21-00-4SGranular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 00-20-20Powder
N.P.K. 00-50-30Powder
N.P.K. 00-15-17Powder
N.P.K. 20-00-30Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 19-00-19Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 18-00-27Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 15-00-25Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 12-00-28Granular:2-4mm
NPK FertilizersN.P.K. 17-17-17Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 10-10-20Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 18-09-18Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 10-20-20Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 24-08-08Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 12-12-17+MGOGranular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 15-15-23+4MGOGranular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 11-6-7+2MGOGranular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 18-18-5+1.5TEGranular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 09-18-27Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 15-15-15+TE               Mg(0.2%)+B(0.07%)+Mn(0.07%)+Cu(0.007%)+Fe(0.007%)Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 15-15-06+4MgOGranular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 6-18-20+4MgO+0.1B203Granular:2-4mm
100% Water soluble fertilizerN.P.K. 18-18-18Granular:2-4mm

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