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Effect Of Bio-stimulating Hormone
Sep 19, 2017

1. Extreme temperatures, irregular rainfall and climate change are increasing, and the demands for normal crop growth are increasing, and bio-stimulation can increase plant stress resistance and resist abiotic factors.

2. Bio-stimulating hormone has the ability and improvement of regulating water in plants, and can help to survive crops in arid conditions.

3. By promoting the absorption, operation and use of nutrients, the bio-stimulator avoids the leaching or loss of nutrients to adjacent ecosystems, reduces nutritional losses, and also means that crops can make better use of natural resources.

4. Bio-stimulation can improve the quality of agricultural products, including sugar content, color, fruit sowing, improve quality, provide consumers with better storage and more nutritious agricultural products means higher income;

5. Bio-stimulation can help to improve soil physical and chemical properties, promote the development of soil-beneficial microorganisms, protect and improve soil health, better water retention in healthy soil, and thus better resist soil erosion.

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