High Quality Fulvic Acid 70% Organic Fertilizer
Jul 07, 2018

High Quality Fulvic Acid 70% Organic Fertilizer Basic Info

  • Model NO.: FA70%

  • Fas in Dry Basis: 70%Min

  • CAS No: 479-66-3

  • Humic Acid Raw Materials Color: Brown

  • Origin: China

  • Water Soluble in Dry Basis: 95%

  • Other Names: C14h12o8

  • Size: 150 Mesh

  • Humic Acid Raw Materials Export: Global

  • Specification: SGS

  • HS Code: 38249099

High Quality Fulvic Acid 70% Organic Fertilizer Product Description

Organic Fertilizer Fulvic Acid 70%

Fulvic Acids

Product Description
Fulvic Acids is a kind of short carbon chain material extracted from natural humic acid with high load capacity and physiological activity. Humic Acid based specialties, mainly deriving from Leonardite, are increasingly popular in organic farming of course but also in conventional outdoors horticulture, greenhouse cropping and even in the broad acre sector.

High Quality Fulvic Acid 70% Organic Fertilizer Description:
Fulvic acids & Humic Acid are permanent humic substance, it cannot be degraded fast by the microorganisms of the soil. As a natural additive for fertilizer, could improve the structure of the soil also to increase the fertility.

Addition of organic matter to organically-deficient soils
Improve absorption through the roots
Improved nutrient uptake
Increases the ability of anti-waterlog and anti-diseases
Better seed germination
Increased fertilizer retention
Stimulate beneficial microbial activity
Healthier plants and improved yields

Usage and Dosage
1) Drought Resistance Agent or Foliar Fertilizer: 10-30g powder or 200g liquid per time per acre, add 15-45 kg water to dilute 1500 and then spray, and spray 2-3 times during the whole growth stage or before drought;
2) Additives: 100-300 mg/L in used fertilizers or pesticides;

3) Soaking Seed or Dressing Agent: Soak seed 5-10 minutes in 1-2% FA liquid or dress seed;
4) Livestock, Poultry and Aquaculture: Add 0.1-0.3% to feed or add 0.1% to drinking water.

High Quality Fulvic Acid 70% Organic Fertilizer Specifications:
Appearance: Black brown powder or scale-like crystal
Assay (as Fulvic Acid): 70% min.
Insolubles: 5% max.
Moisture: 10% Max.
Bulk Density: 1.0~1.1g/ml
PH: 5~6


brown powder

brown powder

FAS(dry basis)



Water soluble(dry basis)









Residue on sieve(0.5mm)



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