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Humic Acid Powder 60% Organic Fertilizer
Oct 19, 2017

Humic Acid Powder 60% Organic Fertilizer Basic Info

  • Model NO.: humic acid

  • Humic Acid Raw Materials Infection on Soil: Physiological Neutral

  • Release Type: Quick

  • Humic Acid Raw Materials Organic Matter: 75%

  • Classification: Organic Fertilizer

  • Origin: Shandong, China

  • Humic Acid Raw Materials Appearance: Powder

  • Chemical Character: Chemical Neutral

  • Type: Humic Acid

  • Humic Acid: 60%

  • Humic Acid Raw Materials HS Code: 31059000

Humic Acid Powder 60% Organic Fertilizer Product Description

1.This product is exploited from weathered coal and produced by special equipment. The humic acid it contains can improve the soil structure, promote root development, reduce nutrient losses, increase yield and improve quality of plants. It is well known on high biological activity and rich organic matter. It can be applied in all types of soil, such as alkaline, sandy, acid podzol, saline soils and so on. It can be applied to soil alone or mixed with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium or other fertilizers.

2. Humic Acid Powder 60% Organic Fertilizer Specification
Appearance: Black powder & granular
Organic matter: 75%min
Humic acid (dry basis): 60%min
Mesh: 60-80/Size: 2-4mm
Moisture; 15%max

3. Humic Acid Powder 60% Organic Fertilizer Package and storage
Package: Kraft bags with PE liner, 25kg net;
Storage: In sealed and damp-proof place

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