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Humic Acid Soluble Super Potassium Humate Humic Acid Organic Fertilizer
Dec 27, 2017

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: 98%min

  • Release Type: Slow

  • Type: Humic Acid

  • Solubility: 95%-98%Name card.jpg

  • Fulvic Acid(Dry Basis): 15%Min

  • Moisture: 15%Max

  • Particle Size: Powder and Flakes

  • Source: Leonardite

  • Transport Package: 20kg Bag

  • Origin: China

  • Classification: Organic Fertilizer

  • Appearance: Powder

  • Product Name: Humic Acid Soluble Super Potassium Humate Humic AC

  • Humic Acid(Dry Basis): 60%Min-70%Min

  • K2o: 10%-12%Min

  • pH Value: 9-11

  • CAS No.: 68514-28-3

  • Trademark: X-HUMATE AND OK

  • Specification: 98%

  • HS Code: 3824909990

Product Description

Humic acid Soluble Super Potassium Humate Humic Acid Organic Fertilizer

Product Description
Products Easier to Use and Handle
Lower Input Costs for Improved Bottom Line
Extensive root growth
X-HUMATE Super Potassium Humate Shiny Flakes

Direction for use in the Agriculture

1. Used in Drip Irrigation: 2-5kgs per hectare
2. Used in Foliar Spray: 0.5-1.5kg per ha.
Note: 1. Please avoid contact with acidic fertilizer, so as not to affect the quality of the products.
2. According to the crop species, amount slightly floating 0.1kg
3. To produce 6% liquid solution, put 800g this humate into 10 liter of water at a very slow speed; Agitate the solution at a constant speed. Please make sure the solution is even before transferring to the spray tank or irrigation tank.

Function& Benefits

For Plant:

Plant growth stimulant, promote root development and stimulates seed germination.
Enhance nutrient uptake by combining nutrients and humic acids and keep a well-balanced nutrition.
Enhance the resilience of crops. Such as cold, drought, pest, disease and toppling resistance.
Promotes healthier, stronger plants and enhance appearance
Potassium is an important component of chlorophyll, speed up the photosynthesis.

For Soil:

Soil conditioner. Improve soil structure. Increase ion exchange capacity of soil.
Enhance resistance to stress for soil, especially reduce high salts in alkaline soils.
Enhance nutrients uptake and increases the content of humus in soil.

Adding potassium humate into nitrogenous fertilizer:
Advantage: Strength the power of nitrogen in nitrogenous fertilizer, reduce the infection of overusing fertilizer.

1. The amount needed per ha.
The early days of plant abandon time and the time of plants rebirth has great infection. Vegetables flowers and fruit trees hurts when transplanting, so we needs potassium humate as additions.
1) Dill, onion, lettuce need 1.6-2.0kg per ha.
2) Tomato, cucumber need 4-5kg per ha.
3) Cabbage, potato, carrot, sugar beet need 7-8kgs per ha.
4) Fruit trees need 10-12kg per ha.
5) All plants 5-6kgs per ha.

2. Application
A) Soaking the seeds: 24-48hours
B) Using 0.2% solution spraying (flowers or vegetables)
C) Soak 1/3 length of the young plant in 0.2% solution under the 20° C
D) Irrigate:
1) During a period of growth using 0.01% p-ha(potassium humate) solution irrigate 3-4 times
2) After planting using 0.01% p-ha solution irrigate 1 time
After 4 leaves using 0.01% p-ha solution irrigate 1 time
The early time of abloom, using 0.01% p-ha solution irrigate 1 time.
Maturity time using 0.01% p-ha solution irrigate 2-3 times
3) During a growth period (10-12days) using 0.005%-0.01% p-ha solution irrigate 8 times.
4) 5-10g p-ha each hole for young fruit trees.

Main advantage:
Improving the soil, avoiding decline, adding output the effect exceeding ammonium phosphate u. S. And other fertilizer much.
High content of potassium and many nutrition including. That makes plants add its outputs, also amending the quality of plants no-poisonous, no-harmful, no-pollution.
Widely used in modern green agriculture.

Our Services
>> Demand--Custom demand are welcomed, we can customize your brands.
>> MOQ --1 ton, the least mininum to support you.
>> Production--Assembly line production, high standard and strict requirements
>> Quality--Humic acid Sources are extracted from young active leonardite mine
>> Products--We have developed 5 series and more than 300 kinds of products.
>> Package--Tailor-made package to cater for your personalize taste
>> Payment--Various options to make payment more convenient
>> Delivery & Logistics- Within 15 working days after receipt of payment or L/C; We have big discount from forwarder (Long Contract) or LCL to save on your freight cost.

ItemStandard IStandard II
Humic acid(dry basis)70%min60%min
Fulvic aci(dry basis)15%min15%min
PH Value9-119-11

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