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Jinmai- Supreme (Root-irrigation)
Jan 24, 2018

Jinmai- Supreme (Root-irrigation)


Technical Index:

Plant cell signal inducer 0.5g/L  Plant acid 400g/L



Disease-resistant,Growth promoting,Expelling parasite ,Synergy.



This product can Prevent and treat all crop viruses, fungal bacterial diseases. The effect is quick on damping off, verticillium wilt, root rot. Decease rate of death and root rot in the process of transplanting. Prevent and treat stem rot of ginger.

loosen the soil, prevent and treat bacterial and fungal soil disease. At the same time, the bacterial and fungal diseases of plant leaves can be significantly reduced.

 Promote the comprehensive growth of plants,promote plants strong radication, promote the differentiation of flower buds.

Using genetic induction techniques,activate plant disease-resistant genes, with good absorption and utilization, long - lasting effect.

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