Mono Potassium Phosphate (MKP)
Jul 08, 2018

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: TUMKP

  • Infection on Soil: Physiological Neutral

  • Release Type: Quick

  • Molecular Weight: 136.09

  • P2o5: 51.50%Min

  • Moisture: 0.2%Max

  • Insoluble Matters in Water: 0.1%Max

  • CAS No.: 7778-77-0

  • Transport Package: 25kgs Plastic Woven Bag

  • Origin: China

  • Appearance: Crystal

  • Chemical Character: Chemical Neutral

  • Molecular Formula: Kh2po4

  • Assay: 99.0%Min

  • K2o: 3 4.0%Min

  • pH (1%Solution): 4.4-4.8

  • Packing: 25kg Plastic Woven Bag

  • Trademark: Jinmai

  • Specification: mkp

  • HS Code: 31052

Product Description

Colorless crystals or white powder, with hygroscopy.
Stable in the air, non-combustible.
Becomes transparent liquid after heated to 400oC and solidified into non-transparent vitrescent potassium metaphosphate.
Melting point is 252.6oC.
Relative density is 2.238g/cm3.
Solubility in 100ml water is 22.6g under 90oC.
Water solution is acidic, pH (1% solution) is 4.6.
Insoluble in ethanol.

AppearanceWhite crystals
Assay99.0% min
P2O551.5% min
K2O34.0% min
Moisture0.2% max
pH(of 1% solution)4.4-4.8
Insoluble matters in water0.1% max

l   Fully water soluble.
l   Consists of 100% plant nutrients.
l   Free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements for plants.
l   Safe for plants and humans, has a moderately low pH and low salt index.

It is recommended to use MKP as a source of phosphorus and potassium where nitrogen levels should be kept low. Because of its unique characteristics, MKP can be applied through any irrigation system and on any growth medium. Unlike phosphoric acid, MKP is moderately acidic. Therefore, it is not corrosive to fertilizer pumps or to irrigation equipment.
MKP is compatible with most water-soluble fertilizers, except for fertilizers containing calcium (Ca++) or magnesium (Mg++). To apply MKP in combination with calcium or magnesium fertilizers, use two fertilizer tanks. If only a single fertilizer tank is available, apply those fertilizers at different times.
Field-crops and vegetables: On young leaves, spray 14.3kg/Ha. MKP is recommended in most crops. On mature leaves and more tolerant crops, spray 21.4 kg/Ha. May be applied.

Citrus23.8-28.6kg/ha.2-3 successive monthly sprays at early fruit development, starting 1 month after fruit-set
Stone fruits14.3-21.4kg/ha.2-4 applications from fruit-set to fruit coloring
grapes14.3-21.4kg/ha.1 application during fruit-set, 1 during ripening
Bananas14.3-21.4kg/ha.2-6 applications with the application of pesticides
Olives23.8-28.6kg/ha.application in early spring for flower induction and fruit setting,

25kgs plastic woven bag, 24mts/20'FCL, or according to customers requirements.
Stored at a cool, dry and well ventilated place, and avoid direct sunlight.

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