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Organic Manure Amino Acid Compound Fertilizer
Dec 05, 2017

Organic Manure Amino Acid Compound Fertilizer Basic Info

  • Model NO.: AH

  • Infection on Soil: Physiological Neutral

  • Humic Acid Raw Materials Release Type: Quick

  • Type: Humic Acid

  • Compound Fertilizer: Feed

  • Humic Acid Raw Materials Amino Acid+Seweed: Amino Acid Organic

  • Origin: China

  • Appearance: Powder

  • Chemical Character: Chemical Neutral

  • Manufacturing Method: Compound Fertilizer

  • Amino Acid Powder: Fertilizer

  • Organic Fertilizer: Compound Amino a Cid

  • Classification: Compound Fertilizer

  • Humic Acid Raw Materials Specification: 20kg/Bag, 10kg/Bag

  • HS Code: 2309901000

Organic Manure Amino Acid Compound Fertilizer Product Description

Amino acid powder

(Fertilizer Grade)

Amino acid powder from our factory, have the characteristic of both inorganic nitrogen and organic nitrogen. This fertilizer is the main raw material of amino acid fertilizer, but also can be directly applied to crops as fertilizer, basal, and base fertilizer application. Source of raw material powder has two categories. One is from animal fur. The other is from soybean or soybean meal.

1. Quality Specification:

Blue powder

100% Water Soluble

≤ 5%

Content of total amino acid
≥ 40%

Content of Crude protein
≥ 90%

2. Organic Manure Amino Acid Compound Fertilizer Main Function:

2.1\This product can chelate soil nutrients, stimulate root growth, make root of the crop strong and long, and have a high effection and promote a significant yield.

2.2\This product can Improve crop photosynthetic performance, promote photosynthetic products into a significant transfer, transportation, improve crop quality and product performance.

2.3 \This product can improve micro-domain environments and suppress the occurrence of soil-borne diseases.

2.4\To mix this product with inorganic fertilizer can increase the synergy of nutrients, make the yield increase extremely significant.

2.5\With a long-term application, the compaction of the soil will become loose, and the nutrients-kept and water-retention capacity will also be promoted.

2.6\This product is widely used in organic food base, green base, and pollution-free ecological food base.

3. Organic Manure Amino Acid Compound Fertilizer Scope:

All the crops.

4. Organic Manure Amino Acid Compound Fertilizer Usage:

4.1 Proposed dosage

Style of fertilization

Base ferilizer/chase fertilizer/fertilizer with seed

4.2 You can mix it with pesticides, which will enhance the function with each other.

4.3 Please spray it at 10am or 4pm so that the plant will have the best absorption

4.4 Please re-spray if the rain come in 2hours.

5.5. Package and Storage:

5.1 20KG/BAG, 10KG/BAG(Kraft bag outside and plastic bag inside).

5.2 Please seal it tightly in cool and dry enviroment.

amino acid powder  for feed
compound amino acid powder

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