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Pass ISO Certificate of Manufacture of 99.5% Sodium Alginate
Jan 13, 2018

Pass ISO Certificate of Manufacture of 99.5% Sodium Alginate Basic Info

  • Model NO.: 99.5%

  • Alginic Acid Appearance: Powder

  • Origin: China

  • Kind: Coupling Agent

  • Alginic Acid Usage: Printing

  • Specification: 99.5%

  • HS Code: 39131000

Pass ISO Certificate of Manufacture of 99.5% Sodium Alginate Product Description

Industrial sodium alginate, mainly used for printing and dyeing industry as reactive dye and paper glue, welding rod coating, thickening, detergent, etc.

It has been a long history since sodium alginate was used in starching paste, finishing paste and printing paste. In printing, it is the good material with wide use in the cotton, wool. Silk and synthetic fibre. Especially since the reactive dye was found in the world, no other gelatinigation can compare favourably with it by so far.

Sodium alginate has unique properties as reactive dye paste. The reaction of the fibre and reactive dye will fix the dye to the fibre. So the printing paste should be used in dyeing process without interfering with or participate in chemical reaction. If paste is in the response, it will be fixed to the fiber, and this caused the dyed fiber feels hard, become more brittle, color is not so good. When using sodium alginate as printing paste, it can affect neither reactive dye nor fiber dyeing process, this creates clear and vivid color, high dyeing quantity and good feel. Alginate is not only suitable for cotton cloth color; Also it applies to wool, silk synthetic fiber printing.

The products of medium and low viscosity apply to the printing requirements of net, roll style and handwork printing. Actually the printing paste made of sodium alginate has property of good stability which can produce thin coating in printing process and so to make the tinctorial yield increase. This paste also has nice print permeability, printing uniformity and wettability, the membrane in fibre is soft, firm but easy to be washed. Therefore sodium alginate is very ideal printing paste.

INDUSTRIAL GRADE50-8006.5-7.5≤0.3≥3.0≤15≤0.622-2430-100
INDUSTRIAL GRADE≤50≥8006.5-7.5≤0.3≥3.0≤15≤0.622-2430-100
INDUSTRIAL GRADE800-13006.5-7.5≤0.3≥3.0≤15≤0.622-2430-100

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