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Soluble Fertilizer Large Number Chelated Trace Elements NPK 20-20-20
Apr 04, 2018

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: NPK 20-20-20

  • Infection on Soil: Physiological Neutral

  • Release Type: Slow

  • Water: 1.0% Max

  • Trademark: Jinamai

  • Specification: 25 kg, 10 kg or by request

  • HS Code: 31042020

  • Appearance: Powder

  • Chemical Character: Chemical Acid

  • Type: Soy Bean

  • Wattability: 50 Min

  • Transport Package: Bag

  • Origin: China

Product Description

100% water soluble npk fertilizer  20-20-20
1. Fully Soluble 
2. All TEs are in chelated form; 
3,foliar fertilizer

100% water soluble npk fertilizer 20-20-20

Active ingredients: N P 20% or 20% or higher K P 20% zinc (EDTA) 0.05% or higher Mn (EDTA) or 0.05% Cu (EDTA) 0.02% or higher Mg (EDTA) 0.3% or higher Mo (water-soluble) 0.001% or higher B (water-soluble) 0.3% or higher

Balance formulas, high purity Soluble NPK fertilizer, easy to be uptake and transport by plant with high use efficiency. Improves higher yields and quality of the product (such as taste, colour, fruit size, shelf life, etc.).







 white or color crystal














 Insoluble matters in water




    700 ppm min 


Product features: 
1, n: p: k: basic formula, is a large scope of application of the most widely water soluble fertilizer formula, suitable for all kinds of crop growth period, crops absorb quickly, promote the growth of plants evenly, and don't moderate growth.

2, the world patent of M - 77 trace elements combination make crops absorb nutrients more balanced, trace elements are all EDTA chelation, be helpful for crop absorption, quickly improve all kinds of crop nutrient deficiency symptoms, enhance crop resistance.

3, add in irrigation water and excessive alkali neutralization water, total soluble in water, easily absorbed by crops, obvious effect, do not contain chlorine, does not contain any hormones and other crops are toxic elements and substances, the sustainable use.

4, strict production quality control to ensure that large, medium and trace elements nutrition ingredient in the product can reach the standard, make all kinds of nutrients proportion reasonably accurate, and provide a reasonable balance of nutrients to plants.

3.Application: For soil and foliar fertilizer

Jinmai has a wide range of NPK+TE ratios, designed to meet the varied needs of our clients, and cover all growing stages of different crops. Whatever forlumas, different colors with micro-element mixes or with various nutrient.


Applicable crops: This product can be widely used in vegetables, melons, in tomato fruit, flowers, fruits, tobacco and other crops each growth period.

Application methods: Suggest rushed, and dosage of drip irrigation time per acre 5-8 kg, regions according to the different situation of local soil, as appropriate, increase or decrease the dosage; Spraying on the leaf diluted 600-1000 times.

Note: 1. As for crop absorption, this article aqueous solution for weak acid, please don't mixed with basicity pesticide use. 2, before applying fertilizer solution, please fully mix solution, in order to avoid the partial solution concentration is too high and cause burn seedlings. 3, sealed in a cool, dry place, after opening please use as soon as possible. Prolonged exposure to air or improper storage, extrusion fertilizer will lead to agglomeration phenomenon, but does not affect the fertilizer effect. 4, avoid direct contact with the eyes when using fertilizer. When stored away from children and pets, avoid eating.

Remark: 1, all kinds of crops, and the growth period of at least a month to give the right amount of calcium magnesium fertilizer, can improve the internal quality fruit sweetness, such as brittleness, dehiscent fruit, deformity fruit, navel rot prevention. 2, due to the local climate, water quality, soil fertilizer application, the influence of varieties and equipment, the user should take into consideration the increase or decrease in fertilizer use according to the local actual situation.


4. Package and storage:


Package: 1) Kraft bags with PE liner, 20kg net;
         2) 5kgs foil bag,4 foil bags in one carton,20kgs net;
         3) 1kgs foil bag,20 foil bags in one carton,20kgs net; 
Storage: In sealed and damp-proof place. :

Shipping:  20 tons/ 2- feet  container,  40 tons in 40 feet container

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