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Supply New Best Quality Seaweed Extract Soluble Powder 18%
Oct 21, 2017

Supply New Best Quality Seaweed Extract Soluble Powder 18% Basic Info

  • Model NO.: Seaweed Extract Soluble Powder 18%

  • Alginic Acid: 18%Min

  • Total Nitrogen: 1.0-3.0%

  • Microelements: 0.2%Min

  • Humic Acid Raw Materials Solubility in Water: 100%

  • Natural Plant Hormones: 300ppm Min

  • Specification: ISO High Quality

  • HS Code: 38249099

  • Chemical Character: Chemical Neutral

  • Organic Matter: 45-55%

  • Phosphorus(P2o5): 1.0-5.0%

  • Humic Acid Raw Materials Potassium(K2o): 8.0-18.0% or 18%Min

  • pH: 8.0-11.0

  • Appearance and Color: Black Powder

  • Humic Acid Raw Materials Transport Package: 20kg/Bag, 25kg/Bag, 20kg/Carton

  • Origin: China

Supply New Best Quality Seaweed Extract Soluble Powder 18% Product Description


AppearanceBlack powder
Alginic acid≥18%
Organic matter45-55.0%
Total nitrogen1.0-3.0%
Water soluble content100.0%
Natural plant hormones≥300ppm

Supply New Best Quality Seaweed Extract Soluble Powder 18% Applicable crops : 
Field crops, greenhouses economic crops, fruit trees, tea leaves and ornamental crops.
Supply New Best Quality Seaweed Extract Soluble Powder 18% Product dosage
During Shi chong/Drip Irrigation, the application is 90-120kg/acre .   
During growth periods , the application is 120-150kg/acre . 
AND applied in every 10-15 days.
Supply New Best Quality Seaweed Extract Soluble Powder 18% Product Function: 
1) Provide crops with fertilizer, lead crop soil active organic matter to plant soil,thus achieving the results of rich soil,strong bacteria,promoting growth,controlling disease,and leading high yield and quality of crops.
2) Enhance photosynthesis,improve the conversion rate of light energy,increase carbon assimilation rate,make crop root system thriving,and strengthen robust plants,thus improving drought resistance,cold resistance,and disease resistance of crops,and effectively reducing the impacts of adverse climate conditions and environment on crops.

Shelf life: 2 years
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place . 
Package: 5/10/20/25kg per bag

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Supply New Best Quality Seaweed Extract Soluble Powder 18% Company profile:

1. Chinese Largest Amino Acid Ferilizer Manufacturer
2. World's Second Largest Production Base Of Hydrolyzed Amino Acid .
3. Chinese Only One Amino Acid Granular Manufacturer
60,000 tons amino acid powder 
200,000 tons high quality amino acid liquid 
50,000 tons amino acid foliar fertilizer

Humic Acid Raw Materials INSPECTION
We has strong quality assurance policy and has our own well-developed laboratories. We can do HPLC test by ourselves. Also we have a very close relationship with Nantional Laboratories and SGS. All products will be fully tested before export .
Supply New Best Quality Seaweed Extract Soluble Powder 18% STORAGE & TRANSPORTATION 
We has our own modern warehouse in our factory which can . All the products shipped will be well-packed( on a Pallet with outer wrapping). We are experienced of documentation, clearance and transport . We can make the fast shippment at any quantity which can save you much time and cost of import.

Formula Supply--Sample Production--Confirm by Customer--Reggular Production--Quality Inspection--Finished Product Packing

1) Does our chelated products contain additives or chemical hormones to bring
a higher crop yield?
Our products encourage growth of plants because of the chelated process instead of chemical
stimulants. The chelated effects make crops arouse its enzymatic reactions in itself.

2) When we diluted the product with water, there were residues which sunk to
the bottom. Is this normal?
The chelation technology is a complicated process, and during this process it forms tiny crystals. It
doesn't affect the effectiveness of the product, and it shows no indication of any expiry or defect of


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