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The Function Of Fertilizer Coloring Agent
Sep 19, 2017

There are many kinds of chemical coloring agents, there are organic manure coloring agent, collectively referred to as microbial organic fertilizer, is a compound microbial fertilizer, it is the natural existence of the beneficial strains, through screening, using modern mutation technology or genetically engineered to transform, breeding a high efficiency strains as a strain, breeding into a large number of strains made, The quality of the meal (castor meal, cottonseed meal, meal, etc.) as the carrier of the specific products.

The high temperature active bio-technology of organic manure colorant is not only used to nitrogen fixation, phosphorus removal and potassium fertilization, but also to activate soil, fertilize and improve the utilization of natural nutrition, so that the nutrient supply in different developmental stages is in a dynamic equilibrium state.

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