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Unique Fermented Seaweed Extract Bio Organic Fertilizer
Oct 28, 2017

Unique Fermented Seaweed Extract Bio Organic Fertilizer Basic Info

Product Description

  • Extraction Type: Two-Phase Fermentation

  • Form: Liquid

  • Fertilizer Raw Materials Odor: No Seaweed Fishy And Pungent Chemical Odor

  • Specification: in Line With Standards of The European Union

  • HS Code: 3101

  • Fertilizer Raw Materials Purity: 100% Water-Soluble

  • Fertilizer Raw Materials Color: Brown

Unique Fermented seaweed Extract Bio organic fertilizer

We are the leading manufacturer of 100% natural alga/seaweed extract fertilizer. In the world, only we use a two-phase bio-fermentation process to produce a nutrient rich, non-hazardous with absolutely no chemical additives.

Biodegradability and being green is important for the environment and we are working to protect the earth for future generations. Harsh chemical fertilizers produce runoff and leech into the water supply posing health hazards and placing people at risk. Our products are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. The heavy metal content in seaweed extract is particularly in a very low level and in line with standards of the European Union. This 100% natural, nutrient rich seaweed extract fertilizer is a superior alternative to harsh chemical fertilizers and produces vibrant, healthy flowers, high yield gardens and very tasty vegetables all while protecting the environment.

Seaweed extract "Power" can be used any stage from seed treating to harvesting, and since the specific stability of biological products, Seaweed extract"Power" absolutely can be used as the raw materials of organic fertilizer as additives, mixed with the other organic fertilizers, bio-fertilizer and compound fertilizers, to increase biological activity and fertilizer efficiency.

Seaweed extract Power is a new generation of natural fertilizer containing highly effective nutritious which can significantly increase yields of many crops and enhance the resistant ability of plants to adverse factors. This product will greatly contribute to the agriculture because it is safe to the environment and highly economical.

Functions and characteristics of “ Power” seaweed extract fertilizer
1Enhance plant vigor, improve quality of crop products, crease yield
“ Power” contains a lot of nutrients, which are easily to be absorbed and transformed by plants, and it promotes growth of plants.
Gibberellins contained in “ Power” could induce the re-formation of α -amylase, promote cell dissociation and elongation. It could also break the dormancy of seeds, tuber, and bulb, promote germination, adjust the shape of flower plant, promote elongation of flower stem, protect the flowering and fruiting of vegetables and fruits, and increase their yield.
“ Power” contains quinonyl and polyphenol-combined humic acid which take part in redox reaction and increase the activity of α -amylase and the synthesis of phosphorus compounds---leading to increase of sugar content in fruits and melons. In addition, ” Power” could also extend the flowering period for about 40 days and the storage durability for 10 to 30 days.      
2   Enhancing the ability of water absorption and maintenance and the  resistance to drought and cold
“ Power” contains mannitol, which can enhance water absorption ability and increase the content of chlorophyll in plant leaves and the leaf area by 10%. “ Power” contains abscises acid, which can adjust the open, and close of air hole in plant leaves, reducing loss of water and saving one third of water and fertilizer.
3Enhancing the resistance to pests and diseases and adversity
Phenol polymers and betaine contained in “ Power” can adjust the osmotic pressure of cell fluids and chloroplast to protect the activities of enzymes in plant cells, and markedly enhance the resistance of plant to pests and diseases and adverse factors.
“ Power” contains iodide, copper, and zinc which could combine with humic acids to form a stable complex resistant to plant diseases.
4Unique Fermented Seaweed Extract Bio Organic Fertilizer Effective soil amendment
Extract of seaweed can combine with humic acids in soil, enhancing aggregate structure and its water maintenance ability by 10 times and aggregation force by 7 times.

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