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Jinmai-Acme Red
Jan 24, 2018

Jinmai-Acme red


Technical Index:

Calcium +Magnesium ≥ 100g/L  Plant cell signal inducer appropriate amount


Based on the nutritional requirements during fruit development period, this product is made of plant cell signal inducers, pharmaceutical grade amino acids (peptide), proteoglycan,  mixed aliphatic alcohols,  multi- Vitamins, composite sugar alcohol,EDTA, calcium, magnesium and other nutrient elements.  It can replenish the balanced and sufficient nutrition for the fruits . Thus, it can achieve the effect of swelling fruit,  improving fruit coloration , sweetness and disease resistance.



1. Polypeptide and various organic inorganic nutrition rational mix and match,effectively promote photosynthesis, leaves thick green and soft.

2. Promote dry matter accumulation, add sweetness, increase singlefruit weight, improve quality and yield.

3. Plant cell signaling inducer can effectively stimulate the plant secretion of cyanin,to make the fruit evenly colored and with bright and gorgeous color.



Application Method:

After physiological fruit drop, swelling fruit period, coloring period, Diluted 1000-1500times ,spray evenly.

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