Water Soluble NPK 100-300-100+TE

Water Soluble NPK 100-300-100+TE
Product description

Water Soluble NPK 100-300-100+TE


Nitrogen 100 g / L phosphorus pentoxide 300 g / L potassium oxide 100 g / L polymeric boron 3 g / L chlorophyll zinc 1.9 g / L EDTA-Cu 0.1 g / L


1. Rapid water solution, no chloride ion, hormone, no toxic side effects on crops.
2. High content of instant phosphorus can stimulate root growth of crops, enhance root vitality, and improve crop utilization efficiency of nutrients and water.
3, rich in trace elements, reasonable ratio, and promote the healthy growth of crops.
4, Specially add the nutrition absorption factor of crops to improve the efficiency of various nutrient uptake and utilization.

Use effect:

1, to stimulate the growth of crop roots, enhance root activity, improve crop use of nutrients and water efficiency.
2, Water Soluble NPK 100-300-100+TE strong seedling shoots, crop stems and leaves rapid growth, contribute to increased production.
3, to promote seedling root development, improve crop survival rate.
4, increase the root and vegetable yield.
5, spring and summer high-speed growth season can shorten the crop growth cycle, early listing.

Use period:

1, Water Soluble NPK 100-300-100+TE the early stages of crop growth, seedling, tip, growth period.
2, nitrogen-deficient crops can be applied at any time.


Spray: diluted 1000-1500 times, evenly sprayed on crop leaves;
Drip irrigation: 5-8 kg per mu per time;
Impulse: 7-10 kg per mu per time.



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