Water Soluble NPK 150-150-150-150 Ca

Water Soluble NPK 150-150-150-150 Ca
Product description

Water Soluble NPK 150-150-150-150 Ca



Packing specification:

5kg * 4 barrels, 1000ml * 12 bottles

Technical indicators:

Total nitrogen (N) 150g / L, water soluble potassium (K2O) 150 g / L, water soluble phosphorus (P2O5) 150 g / L, calcium 150 g / L, composite trace element (TE) 20 g / L


1.Water Soluble NPK 150-150-150-150 Ca suitable for the nutritional needs of all kinds of crops. It is rich in nitrogen phosphate and calcium and chelate state trace elements, which can promote the healthy growth of crops.
2. Water Soluble NPK 150-150-150-150 Ca promote the development of crop roots, accelerate the absorption of nutrients and water capacity of plants, promote cell division, and accelerate crop growth.
3. High levels of calcium can reduce the occurrence of physiological diseases. Such as bitter pox disease, bean paste, fruit cracking, dry heart, umbilical and so on. Significantly improve fruit hardness and resistance to transport capacity.


1. Leaf spray diluted 1000-1500 times uniform spray.
2. Water with water: 5 kg for each mu.
3. Drip irrigation: 3kg for each mu.



Production equipment

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Workshop & Equipment





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