Water Soluble Fertilizer NPK 20-20-20+Te

Water Soluble Fertilizer NPK 20-20-20+Te

Fertilizer, NPK 20-20-20, Soluble Fertiizer manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Water Soluble Fertilizer NPK 20-20-20+Te, EDTA-Mix Fertilizer, Calcium Dihydrogen Phosphate and so on.
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Rapid water soluble,Easy and quick absorbtion by the crops. It improves a better developed root-system, more flowers, bigger fruit size, higher yield.


100% Water soluble fertilizer (WSF) is a kind of latest compound fertilizer.It contains all elements plants need,including nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium and trace elements,to match plants' need in different period. Compared with the traditional compound fertilizer,WSF has its obvious advantages as bellow:

    1.Active ingerdient can reach 100%,no wasting for anyone cents you paid.Water Soluble Fertilizer is specially designed for the high value plants such as vegetable, fruits, tomato, potato, flowers, tea, coco, tobacco.


    2.100 % soluble can make the fertigation, drip irrigation possible, labor cost will be evidently decreased by moder agricultural instruments,and the fertilizer can be 100% absorbed, no waste and insufficient.

    3. Unique combination of vitamin and TE can improve the enzyme activity and improve the quality of the fruits and crops.The ability of adversity resistance and can increase quality and quantity, increase the amount of sugar, improve the capability of the crop to fight against the coldness, drought, disease and lodging, extend freshness date.


We can produce kinds of water soluble NPK fertilizers, also produce different proportion of N-P2O2-K2O according to clients' requirements, for example:


NPK 19-19-19

NPK 20-20-20

NPK 18-18-18

NPK 17-17-17

NPK 15-15-15

NPK 13-40-13

NPK 6-12-36

NPK 12-30-15

NPK 12-32-14

NPK 10-10-10

OEM formula are available



Application Method:

Foliar spray: 800-1200 times dilution,even spraying.

Drip irrigation: 5-8kg/Mu per time

Water flush : 7-10kg/Mu per time




1. Can mix with many pesticides, but do not mix with strongly alkaline pesticides.

2. Apply in the morning or evening, do not apply in strong sunshine and high temperature.

3. Store in cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight, handle with care to avoid breakage. Keep out of reach of children,pets,and livestock.


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